Welcome to the NHK

Type: The kind that hits a little too close to home

Synopsis: This joyful little yarn follows Satou Tatsuhiro, the sorriest loser this side of Stanford University. He’s got not job, not education, and no personal hygiene (A NEET). His best friend is a gigantic geek. His first love is a pill popping nutbag. And his current love interest is a traumatized high school drop-out…Tra- la-la-la.

Pros: NHK is the type of show that appeals to certain kinds of people. People who like non-fiction, who think Batman is the best superhero, who generally enjoy the darker aspects of life. Aficionados of the dark comedy. Its been compared to works like Catcher in the Rye, so if you like Japan’s exploration of the human condition, this one is for you.

Cons: As much as I would like to say that I hated NHK, I can’t. Nothing is technically “wrong” with it. Many of the character’s hand ups are pretty understandable. Issues like childhood abuse, stress, trouble with women, lack of self confidence, all these manifest themselves in adult hood depression. The show does go a bit slow and I felt that Satou didn’t grow as much as he should have.  But again, its a pretty solid show.

Watch it?: Honestly, Its a bit of a downer. (2/5)

MVP: Satou Tatsuhiro

He may be a loser, but dammit, he’s our loser.

Best Episode: Ep. 5 “Welcome to Counselling!” (things start to turn around a little)

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