The Hill Dyed Rose Madder

Type: Gross

Synopsis: On day an ex-punk runs into this pretty girl and saves her from being assaulted. Then he accidentally kisses some other girl in class. Then it turns out that both girls are the same person, which was in fact not a surprise, nor was it meant to be. The girl moves into his house because according to anime law, a kiss is indicative of a marriage proposal. But after all these trials and tribulations the guy finally gets a happy ending…with his sister.

Pros: This show has a layer of crazy just beneath its surface that pops up from time to time. Moments like the main heroine being chased by a tentacle monster, or an alien girl stalking that main cast, or everyone pretending the protagonist is gay. This humor saves the show from mediocrity.

Cons: This show has three big flaws going against it. First, it screams generic. You won’t see anything here that you haven’t seen in other love comedies/harems. Second, a lot of the girls act…girly. By this I mean that they act too much like stereotypical girls and less like individuals. Once you hear the group say that the choice between good food or a good body is a girl’s eternal dilemma, you kinda lose hope. Finally, this show employs the sibling love interest. Worse yet, the sibling is the ultimate winner. I try not to judge certain aspects of anime culture, but dude, what the f@#$.

Watch it?: No. Ew. (1/5)

MVP: Nagomi Shiraishi

Why couldn’t she be the love interest?

Best Episode: Ep. 6 “A Golden Yellow Montage” (hot springs bear attack)

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