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Type: The kind that hurts so good


Synopsis: In a world were lewdness is punished with physical pain, one man is cursed with the ability to transform pain into pleasure. Sicked by his extreme masochism, he looks towards the 2nd Volunteer Club for help. Their solution? Have a bunch of pretty girls overexpose him to verbal and physical abuse while also falling in love with him. And so his nightmare continues.

Pros: This show had unusually strong individual shows. Their’s the one where the main character has amnesia and becomes disgusted with his previous self, the one where a cute girls tried to change the world into one full of perverts, the one where they play house, the one where they hold a contest on who can be the most sadistic, etc. The show should also be given props for making a show staring a sexually aroused masochist so enjoyable.

Cons: In two episodes early on, the show gets “real” on you. It happened organically enough, but it contrasts with every other episode, which are 85% comedic and 15% melodramatic (the average ratio for love comedies). Their’s also one episode the verges on being in bad taste, involving a scene where they group tries to “cure” the protagonist of his sudden homosexuality.

Watch it?: The good outweighs the bad, so yeah (4/5)

MVP: Taro Sado


Super Hella Pervert!

Best Episode: Ep.11 The Lost Memory (image you wake one day…and got everyone pregnant)

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Ladies versus Butlers

Type: Bouncy-Bouncy


Synopsis: This kid named Akiharu Hino enrolls at this school that trains servants and teaches rich girls. On his first day he accidentally gropes the resident blonde rich girl, and is immediately labeled a sexual deviant. He’s almost lynched, but he gets saves by his childhood friend who mentally traumatized him because she had a crush on him. Then a bunch of nudity happens.

Pros: The biggest laughs usually come from the fan service jokes. I don’t want to label the show a “sex comedy,” but it comes pretty darn close. It’s certainly liberal with its censorship (just shy of full frontal). But what really popped out at me was the animation. The backgrounds are extremely well done. Its an aesthetically beautiful anime.

Cons: I really did not like the inclusion of a “little girl” character (19 my ass). I also felt that the anime was a bit lacking. You don’t really get attached to any of the characters expect for maybe the blonde one (Selnia Flameheart) and the roommate (Daichi). The rest are one dimensional.

Watch it?: Sure. Bouncy, Bouncy. (3/5)

MVP: Selnia Iori Flameheart


Blonde Drills. Classic.

Best Episode: Ep. 1 “Boy Versus Lady” (What a horrible first day!)

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Kamen no Maid Guy

Type: Insane Superman Maid


Synopsis: Fumiwara Naeka has big boobs and her grandfather is a billionaire. So obviously she has enough problems to deal with. But add a super yoked male maid/bodyguard named Kogarashi, and you got yourself a recipe for a nervous break down.

Pros: A lot of stuff. Basically all of it. Its one long boob joke that surprisingly never gets old thanks to the crazy antics of Maid Guy.

Cons: The one flaw is anything having to do with Elizabeth K. Strawberry. She’s annoying and has a hard on for her brother. Her existence taints an otherwise excellent anime.

Watch it?: Its basically everything you think it is, so of course. (4/5)

MVP: Kogarashi, “Maid Guy”


Insane Superman Maid

Best Episode: Ep.11 “A Midsummer Night’s Breasts” ( I only have eyes for you…and your breasts)

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Mysterious Girlfriend X

Type: First Girlfriend


Synopsis: Remember your first girl or boy friend? How much courage it took to ask them out? All those awkward first dates where you second guessed every move you made? Well, imagine that, only with your partner being able to transfer and absorb physical and emotional states via saliva. Kinda gives the term “swapping spit” a whole new meaning.

Pros: This show had a whole Wonder Years vibe going for it. The show’s basically about stumbling through your introduction to relationships. You know, holding hands, when its appropriate to hug, first kiss, physical boundaries, emotional boundaries, etc. It does a good job at capturing the mind of a typical teenage boy (that strange mix of daring and anxious). Lets face it, to all boys just staring out, their fist girl friend might as well be a mystery wrapped in a riddle wearing a skirt.

Cons: My main gripe with the show was its art style. These kids look like middle schoolers, but apparently, Akira (protagonist) is 17.  Their youthful looks made a lot of the stuff they did look borderline creepy. I mean, Akira and his “mysterious girlfriend” Urabe swap spit. That’s not a euphemism. They literally swap spit. That’s how Urabe’s powers work. So a lot of fingers in mouth action. In fact, a whole lot of liquid and flower imagery going on. We get it! Sexual awakening, physical urges, blah, blah, blah.

Watch it?: You know what, yeah. Its fun in a sorta “naive teenager” kinda way (3/5)

MVP: Mikoto Urabe


I wonder what the “X” stands for?

Best Episode: Ep. 9 “Mysterious “This is just, I dunno…”” (bad hair day)

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Our Condolences, Ninomiya-kun

Type: Succubus Love Triangle


Synopsis: Shungo Ninomiya has a crazy mercenary sister whose boyfriend has a inexperienced succubus younger sister named Mayu. The two elder siblings put the two younger siblings together in hopes of training the young succubus through exposure. This mainly consists of Mayu and Shungo sleeping in the same bed, taking bathes together, and sometimes having to act out love scenes while their siblings record them. You know, therapy.

Pros: The shows biggest strength is probably its fan service jokes. Its mainly due to Mayu’s mixture of clumsiness and physical sexuality (a.k.a. big boobs). But personally, I was intrigued by the premise. The idea of a succubus in training is pretty interesting, as Mayu is magically irresistible to the male gender. It plays around with the usual story element of having the “new girl” (a.k.a. pink haired girl) be the center of attraction.

Cons: What I didn’t like about the show was the fact that it had too many elements in it. It had succubi, a love triangle, Shungo’s own attractiveness, a love rival, secondary love interests, the older siblings. It felt a little too all over the place.  It should have focused on the succubus angle and the love triangle. But instead you had a tacked on love rival story that literally went nowhere. A pair of siblings that should have been omitted. And Shungo’s ability to also attract women, an ability that is never explained or played around with.

Watch it?: It’s light and funny enough to keep you happy (3/5)

MVP: Mayu Tsukimura


She’s bringing Clumsy back

Best Episode: Ep. 4 “Let’s Take Care of the House!” (I wish this had been the whole show)

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Azumanga Daioh

Type: Girls going to school


Synopsis: What happens when an air head, a girl with ADD, her best friend, an athlete, a secret cat lover, and a child prodigy are put into the same class? The answer: Hilarity.

Pros: This show is a pretty pure comedy. Its basically a string of short skits tied together. Each member of the main cast can carry their own stories  (my favorite was Yukari-Sensei). The highest praise I can give this show is that its good enough to be broadcast worthy. Given a few minor tweaks, and I could imagine watching this on Saturday Mornings. It was refreshing to watch a show that relied on things besides fan service and dirty jokes.

Cons: This show has no plot. Its just a show about a few students in the same high school class. So you won’t burn through each episode as much as wade through it.

Watch it?: If your a fan of quality, then your a fan of this. (4/5)

MVP: Yukari Tanizaki


Immature, Selfish, Impulsive (Basically the Perfect Teacher)

Best Episode: Ep.14 “Shopping / Gathering / Sea! / Capturing Strategy / Adult’s World” (the last scene….priceless)

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