Our Condolences, Ninomiya-kun

Type: Succubus Love Triangle


Synopsis: Shungo Ninomiya has a crazy mercenary sister whose boyfriend has a inexperienced succubus younger sister named Mayu. The two elder siblings put the two younger siblings together in hopes of training the young succubus through exposure. This mainly consists of Mayu and Shungo sleeping in the same bed, taking bathes together, and sometimes having to act out love scenes while their siblings record them. You know, therapy.

Pros: The shows biggest strength is probably its fan service jokes. Its mainly due to Mayu’s mixture of clumsiness and physical sexuality (a.k.a. big boobs). But personally, I was intrigued by the premise. The idea of a succubus in training is pretty interesting, as Mayu is magically irresistible to the male gender. It plays around with the usual story element of having the “new girl” (a.k.a. pink haired girl) be the center of attraction.

Cons: What I didn’t like about the show was the fact that it had too many elements in it. It had succubi, a love triangle, Shungo’s own attractiveness, a love rival, secondary love interests, the older siblings. It felt a little too all over the place.  It should have focused on the succubus angle and the love triangle. But instead you had a tacked on love rival story that literally went nowhere. A pair of siblings that should have been omitted. And Shungo’s ability to also attract women, an ability that is never explained or played around with.

Watch it?: It’s light and funny enough to keep you happy (3/5)

MVP: Mayu Tsukimura


She’s bringing Clumsy back

Best Episode: Ep. 4 “Let’s Take Care of the House!” (I wish this had been the whole show)

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