Kamen no Maid Guy

Type: Insane Superman Maid


Synopsis: Fumiwara Naeka has big boobs and her grandfather is a billionaire. So obviously she has enough problems to deal with. But add a super yoked male maid/bodyguard named Kogarashi, and you got yourself a recipe for a nervous break down.

Pros: A lot of stuff. Basically all of it. Its one long boob joke that surprisingly never gets old thanks to the crazy antics of Maid Guy.

Cons: The one flaw is anything having to do with Elizabeth K. Strawberry. She’s annoying and has a hard on for her brother. Her existence taints an otherwise excellent anime.

Watch it?: Its basically everything you think it is, so of course. (4/5)

MVP: Kogarashi, “Maid Guy”


Insane Superman Maid

Best Episode: Ep.11 “A Midsummer Night’s Breasts” ( I only have eyes for you…and your breasts)

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