Cat Planet Cuties

Type: Hot Cat People


Synopsis: One day nice guy Kio Kakzu meets an alien cat girl names Eris who turns his house into an intergalactic Embassy. Then he finds out that two of his friends (Aoi and Manami) are basically soldiers for hire. But the most amazing thing about all of this is that Kio is insanely cool with all this, when he really should not have been cool about any of this. Aliens are using your house as a homebase! Your friends have killed people on a regular basis! Where the Hell is your Perspective Man!

Pros: It’s actually pretty funny in a sort of harem meets alien girls kind of way. Lots of fan service. Fairly adequate action scenes. The characters are all likable and the plot keeps you going at a good pace. I really enjoyed Aoi and Manami’s story arcs that were kept sort of separate from the main plot, as it made them the most compelling characters (even if they felt out of place a few times).

Cons: As I said, the action is good enough, but don’t expect many pulse pounding moments. Its not a funny action series. Its more of a love comedy with action in it. The pilot doesn’t really do a good job at making this distinction, giving you a false impression on what the show’s really like (it starts out way too serious). There’s also this one plot hole involving the Dog antagonist. It’s never really explained why the Dogs are on Earth, or why they try so hard to stop the Cats (outside of just being dicks). And no matter how many naughty jokes or action scenes you put in, its still a show about freakin’ cat and dog people.

Watch it?: If you got the time and can deal with Cat people, then sure. (3/5)

MVP: Assist-A-Roids


I wish I had one!

Best Episode: Ep.3 “I Came To Stay” (the cat people are coming!)

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