Type: Boob-based fighting


Synopsis: Earth is currently at war with inter-dimensional beings, so obviously we needed to send pretty teenage girls with short skirts to fight them. Each girl, called “Pandoras” must choose a younger male partner as her “Limiter” in order to unleash both their full potentials. The pair consecrate their partnership with a ritual known as “Baptism” (spoiler: it’s actually sex).

Pros: I’m a real big fan of one-on-one fighters (though more so with fists than weapons), and the fights in Freezing didn’t disappoint. It’s got unique weapons, power-ups, shared techniques, ultimate forms, all that good stuff. It may take a while, but the characters do grow on you. You even buy into the whole premise by the very end.

Cons: This show has a very complex relationship with the issue of sex. It seems to be the underlining theme for the show. The “Baptism” ritual is discussed in the same manner as losing one’s virginity. When a girl activates her powers, it appears that she gets slightly aroused. Every fight will end with exposed breasts (there is entirely too much breast targeting in these fights). Hell, the main character’s whole shtick is that she was sexually abused well into her early teens, leaving her with an intense disdain for physical touch and vulnerability of any kind. I could have lived a very happy life without that last plot element thrown in. The issue with sex isn’t reserved for the ladies either, as the male protagonist has a real hard on for the memory of his sister, even partnering up with the female protagonist because she looked like his dead sibling. Outside of all this, I felt that the girls in the combat academy were really mean, the terminology for the show got confusing at times, and it would have benefited with more episodes to flesh out the story and characters.

Watch it?: Nah, unless your a fan of boob-punches. (2/5)

MVP: Satellizer el Bridget


Respect her personal space, or else.

Best Episode: Ep. 12 “Satellizer VS. Pandora” (My moneys on Satellizer)

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