The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

Type: The type that lasts three hours


Synopsis: Nay-sayer Kyon is still going with the motions, trying not to let the fact that his friend Haruhi Suzumiya can destroy reality itself if she gets too bored. That is, until he wakes up one day to a world that is totally different, with Haruhi no where to be seen. Now Kyon has to try to get to his world of psychics, aliens, and time travelers, or decide if he even wants to.

Pros: Obviously, fans of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya are going to like this. It felt way more like a new season than a film. The stakes are actually pretty high for Kyon, who has to decide if he wants his regular life or a normal life. If was fun to see Kyon deal with a problem all by himself, since he usually has the rest of the S.O.S. Brigade to help him. Another notable character was Yuki Nagato, who went from a logical robot to a shy and easily embarrassed teenage girl. Her interactions with Kyon were definitely the most emotional scenes, making her the most sympathetic character in the film.

Cons: The film definitely demands some level of familiarity with the the original series. If you don’t know what the main characters are all about, then you’ll feel lost watching this. Its also three hours, so it might be better to watch it in chunks. The ending wasn’t as good as it could have either, but it was still a pretty satisfying.

Watch it?: A must see of Haruhi Sazumiya fans.

MVP: Yuki Nagato


I’ll join your club!

Best Moment: Any scene with Kyon and Parallel Nagato (so cute!!)

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