Vampire + Rosario Capu2

Type: Student spends his second year at Monster High School


Synopsis: Tsukune Aono survived his first year of Monster High School (Yokai Academy) more or less intact. Now he gets to enjoy a relatively calmer school year with his vampire, succubus, snow fairy, witch posse. That is, until his Vampire Girl’s little sister comes into town. She has this crazy idea that her sister is actually two different people. Oh wait, she is!

Pros: Compared to the first Vampire Rosario, this new season is funnier, more self-referential, and overall lighter in tone. The show makes more use of gags (Tsukune! Moka-san!), breaking the fourth wall, and misleads. The series has moved away from the whole human-demon relations thing, and moved closer to it’s harem aspects. Since the harem has already been established, the show can play around with group dynamics a lot more. Most of the episodes focus on one of the girl’s efforts to improve their relationships with Tsukune in relation to the rest of the group. Overall, its just a lot more fun.

Cons: Again, their is nothing original about this anime. If you’re not a fan of harem anime, this won’t in any way change your opinion. The actions scenes from the first season seemed to have been diluted in favor of the humor. There is a lot of panty based fan service, like a lot, like one episode even revolved around pointing it out.  The new character Kokoa was really not needed. She was just their for strawberry panty shoots really.

Watch it!?: Its better than Vampire + Rosario. A pretty serviceable harem anime. (3/5)

MVP: Mizore Shirayuki


I’m rooting for you, Stalker-Girl!

Best Episode: Ep. 7 “Bathroom and a Vampire” (its time to meet the parents!!)

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