Type: Nude Swimming Series (thank you English translation)

Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho

Synopsis: One day this kid named Kaname Okiura almost got dragged to his sea death by some mermaid looking creature. Fast forward ten years later, and he’s still too traumatized to swim. This is especially trying considering that he’s the managers of his schools swim team. His world gets turned around (don’t they always) when an energetic green haired girl named Amuro Ninagawa lands on the beach. Now Kaname has to deal with a swimming savant who may or may not have been his attempted murderer (whisper It was totally her whisper).

Pros: I tried for a while to figure out what I liked about this anime. Was it the fun characters? Was it the unique feel? Was it the admitedly funny fan service? Then I realized, their is almost no melodrama in this show. I cannot tell you how refreshing this is. This show is literally a comedy about a swim team. The developing romance between Kaname and Amuro is the “main” plot, but it never overshadows the humor of the rest of the cast. You get a speedo man, a straight man, a storyteller, an idol, a secretly perverted girl, a kid who isn’t annoying, a bullet head. Like any good comedy, the show’s able to build unique individuals without sacrificing the group dynamic.

Cons: As much as I appreciated this show, nothing about its humor and plots really popped out. It’s not especially flashy, even with its colorful characters. Ironically, the characters in this are so interesting, that episodes that deal with actual plot stuff is lesser for it. I liked the swim team, but only when they weren’t actually competing.  The ending also bugged me. In the last episode you get a montage that basically depicts a whole season worth of plot in two minutes. I really would have loved an actual second season instead, but whatever.

Watch it?: Its a very solid show (4/5)

MVP: Mas Ikariya


I respect any man in a speedo

Best Episode: Ep.9 “Help Me Forget…” (Oh, my youth!)

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