Seitokai Yakuindomo

Type: Pretty Girls Saying Naughty Things


Synopsis: On his first day of school, Takatoshi Tsuda is punished for wearing his school tie loosely by being forced into becoming the vice-president of the student council. Then a bunch of dirty jokes happen. You know, thinking back, someone really should have reported the members of the student council for sexual harassment.

Pros: This show is basically a sex comedy. Only, instead of using fan service, the show relies more on dirty jokes. For some reason I found this a little bit naughtier. I have always been a proponent of more perverted females in anime. Overall, you can tell that the creators of the show had a lot of fun making this show. The humor’s quick and the punchlines always land where they need to.

Cons: The show kind of uses the same joke structure a lot. One of the girls will say something inappropriate, Tsuda will react, and we move on to the next scene. I personally never got tired of this, but other people might. There are also times when the show will divert to skits that are either hit or miss in execution.

What it?: Yes. And pray there’s a second season. (5/5)

MVP: Shino Amakusa


[Insert Dirty Joke Here]

Best Episode: Ep.8 “Oh?! You’re the Strawberry Panties from This Morning!” / “Virgin Sex Might Become Popular” / “I’ll Fight in Place of the Others!” (this is my child!)

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