H2O: Footprints in the Sand

Type: Village full of jack-asses


Synopsis: Blind boy Takuma Hirose just recently moved to a small town in the country. The town’s favorite pastime is mercilessly tormenting this young girl named Hayami Kohinata for no real goddamn reason. This being an anime, Takuma manages to get the younger generation to cool off Hayami. Then it rains and something incredibly stupid happens. Their’s also this fairy girl in it, but I forget why.

Pros: This show managed to get an emotional reaction out of me. It plays off the small town setting really well, establishing a shared history that you just can’t get in more urban environments. You may not agree with the village’s thinking, but you at least understand their mentality. There’s are also some funny moments that help alleviate the dramatic tension. Overall, a good anime soap opera.

Cons:  I really hated everyone in the village for being so incredibly mean to Hayami. I understand that this is basically the foundation for the show’s conflict, but seriously, fuck those villagers (Hayami got beaten up waaay too much). I felt that the show used too many flashbacks. I felt that the show got too cartoony in its attempts to balance humor and drama. The ending also really bugged me. It employs a last minute twist that never really works and just comes off as lazy story telling.

Watch it?: Its a Small Town Soap Opera that’s worth the watch (4/5)

MVP: Hayami Kohinata

hayami kohinata

Martyr Complex much?

Best Episode:  Ep.8 “Otoha” (a bit of fun before the end)

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