Kamisama Kazoku

Type: Anime Jesus


Synopsis: Imagine if the Son of God was born in anime Japan and was partially in love with a pink haired angel living in his parent’s house? You refuse? Well too bad! Samatarou, a.k.a. Jesus, is a god in training living with an angel, Tenko, who is supposed to guide him on his rode to divinity. Sadly, the show missed out on the opportunity to create a 13 member harem to act as Samatarou’s apostles.

Pros: The show is divided into three story arcs that sorta bleed into each other, creating an overall plot. These arcs, while fairly melodramatic, are engaging enough  to make you stick to the series. The show is filled with gags that take advantage of the whole “god” angle, such as Tenko shooting steam out of her head whenever aroused or angered. Once I got to the last episode, I was left wanting more. As I should be.

Cons: The first thing you’ll notice is that the show mixed theologies slightly. The concept of Polytheism is combined with Christian religion, creating a world where multiple gods and angels reside. So Samatarou is not THE son of God, he’s just A son of A god. Samatarou himself presented a problem at first, as his character was presented as whiny and stubborn. This, thankfully, is resolved after the first story arc. In the last story arc, the show presents the concept of Devils, beings who reap human souls for consumption. When a Devil attack Samatarou and his family, the family is almost immediately demolished.  I now that you can’t use the “fight fire with fire” strategy when fighting true evil, but you would think Gods and Angels would have some concrete way to defend themselves.

What it!?: A truly solid show which goes by a lot faster than you’d think (3/5)

MVP: Tenko

Konachan.com - 45475 sample

My guardian angel

Best Episode: Ep.7 “Growing Girl” (teenage parent *nodding disapprovingly*)

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One thought on “Kamisama Kazoku

  1. I was looking everywhere for this series!!! Like you have no clue! I watched this years ago and i don’t even remember what it was about. All i could remember was (and i thought this was what it was about) there’s siblings a blue haired and eyed boy and pink haired and eyed girl who have angel fairy things. I rember they fell in love and that the girl turned out to be an angel so they weren’t related but i couldn’t find anything with my description lol! Thank your blog!!! Xb LOL

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