Type: Chibi Vampires


Synopsis: In the 21st Century, a family of vampires have secretly created a home in Japan. The oldest daughter, Karin, is a the runt of the litter. And by runt, I of course mean the freak. She’s not a regular vampire. She doesn’t hate garlic. She can walk in the sun. And when she bites people she doesn’t suck blood, she injects her own. Karin manages to live a pretty average life until she meets Usui, a boy who’s presence immediately increases her bloodlust. We’ve all been there, am I right ladies?

Pros: I really liked what the show did with the concept of vampires. In this universe, vampires are attracted to the the blood of certain personality types. When a vampire feeds on a victim, they temporarily suck out that personality trait. So if a vampire drinks the blood of a dishonest person, that person become more honest. A prideful person becomes more humble. A stressful person becomes more relaxed. etc. This is a pretty clever twist on the vampire genre, and helps make vampires more sympathetic.

Cons: The show is a generic love comedy. The majority of the plot is different characters telling the two protagonists that their love is wrong and won’t last. Though, to be honest, most of this came from the big brother. But he’s a prick, so who cares. Then their’s the “rival” character for Karin’s love, who is annoying as all get out. Their’s also the subplot involving Usui’s mother’s job problems, which dragged on way too long. It was supposed to make Usui more sympathetic, but I think a poor boy whose father abandoned him and who unconditionally loves a freak vampire is plenty sympathetic. I was also bugged by Karin’s lack of agency. She’s the protagonist, but the only active thing she ever did was decide to trust Usui. Aside from that, she’s a pretty passive character, and almost everything is decided for her.

Watch it?: Skip it. (2/5)

MVP: Anju Maaka


Little vampires be keeping it real

Best Episode: Ep.20 “The First Time is Embarrassing” (having a sister is hard)

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