Today in Class 5-2 (OVA)

Type: Kid’s do the darndest things


Synopsis: A bunch of kids in fifth grade are acting like a bunch of kids in fifth grade. They’re slowly maturing into that awkward phase of that usually manifests as saying and doing as many dirty and inappropriate things as possible. It’s like that weird summer where you find flipping-off airplanes so utterly amusing. Or maybe that was just me?

Pros: This show has some really funny gags. I found myself laughing out loud more than once. What’s really bad about this is that the best gags were dirty jokes. Its bad because the cast are all 5th graders. You laugh in sorta the same manner you laugh at the South Park kids doing inappropriate stuff. It’s that weird mix of “Oh my god, that hilarious!” and “I really should not be laughing at this.”

Cons: Like I said, the whole cast are 5th graders. That almost turned me off to the whole show right their. Add dirty jokes that make you feel weird laughing at, and you got yourself a conundrum. Granted, 5th grade is about the age you start getting into all that stuff, but this show takes it a tad too far. I won’t spoil where, but lets just say a shack is involved. Everyone on the show acts a lot older than they probably should, but admittedly, this is a somewhat honest portrayal of being 11 years old.

What it?: Its genuinely funny, though you may feel guilty afterwards. (3/5)

MVP: Ryōta Satō


Life is wanna either kick his ass, or grovel at his feet

Best Episode: Ep1. “1st Period – ‘Wiggle, Wiggle’ / 2nd Period – ‘Collarbones’ / 3rd Period – ‘Undefeated’ / 4th Period – ‘Dial’ / 5th Period – ‘Sneak Attack'” (best and worst gag ever!!!)

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