Linebarrels of Iron

Synopsis: Champions of Justice


Synopsis: One day this kid get incredible powers and becomes a real asshole about it, but he learns that with great power comes great responsibility when his Uncle Ben…oh, wait, that’s a different story. The again, this story does have an outrageous boss. And the main character does join a team of earth’s mightiest heroes. And there are a number of super model level hotties that seem to like him. Well, at least his best friend never died….wait a minute!!

Pros: The best thing about this show is the character growth of the protagonist, Kouichi Hayase. Kouchi starts as a very weak person, being regularly bullied and resenting having to be rescued by his best friend Yajima. When he becomes the pilot of the Lineberrel mecha, he becomes arrogant and drunk on his own power. He only starts to snap out of it after Yajima dies. We then see a gradual change in Kouchi that ends with him becoming the kind of person others would follow and admire. He essentially goes from an immature kid to a respectable young man. This type of growth usually happens in the span of one episode or superficially, so I’m glad this show took its time with it. On a side note, I also love the boss Kunio Ishigami. He’s soo cool!

Cons: O.k. First off, this show uses the term “Champion of Justice” way too much. It’s like the writers paychecks depended on it or something. Second, I wrote above that Kouchi becomes an admiral personal, and that is true. But the sheer amount of trust this kid was given seemed a bit forced. I’m was kinda bummed by the 3-D mechs they used too. They weren’t bad or anything, but I personally don’t like when 2-D and 3-D animation to mix. The first half is also better than the second, mostly because Kouichi’s personal faults get more or less resolved by the halfway point. The last few episodes in particular were lack luster. They were your average final battle episodes, where the mysterious baddies finally show up and we get a big duel in space. I’ve seen it before, and I’ve seen it done better.

Watch it?: If you like Peter Parker, you’ll like Kouichi Hayase (3/5)

MVP: Kunio Ishigami


I want this guy to be my Father and my Uncle and my Brother

Best Episode: Ep.4 “The Price of Justice” (this is how men do therapy)

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