Type: Too many witches


Synopsis: Haruo Yoshikawa goes to school and briefly runs into a blonde girl. Then, for some reason, the blonde girls hires herself as the Yoshikawa’s live in maid. Then, for some reason, it turns out she’s a cursed witch Then, for some reason, it also turns out that Haruo is the only one who can lift the curse. Then, for some reason, we learn that Haruo’s sisters are all witches and won’t allow Haruo to know that magic even exists. Then, again for some reason, a robot and time travel happen.

Pros: Magiko has some really funny and really clever humor. For example, to convey sudden switches from joy to anger, the voice actresses will change the pitch of their deliver, going from normal to deep. It doesn’t sound like much, but the fact that every character does this really made me laugh. Each character also have one dimensional gags that work surprisingly well. My favorite was the youngest sister’s love of money.

Cons: Magiko is a show without substance. The show throws a lot of plot elements at you, and you’re just expected to care. So what if Haruo doesn’t know magic is real? So what if Ayumi is cursed? Who cares! The show loses sight of all this “have a plot” nonsense by the halfway point anyway. I really think it would have worked better if the show lost one or two of its plot devices. Have Ayumi be the only witch, remove the curse angle, have Haruo actually know about magic, anyone one of these suggestion would have made the show tighter. As it is, however, Magiko is left feeling like a generic anime with abnormally quality laughs.

What it?: It may be good for the occasional laugh, but you can live without it (2/5)

MVP: Fuyuno Yoshikawa


Dolla’, Dolla’ bill y’all!

Best Episode: Ep.3 “Are They Really a Pair of Dangerous Siblings?” (that girl ain’t right)

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