Midori Days

Type: Someone’s dream I’m sure


Synopsis: Ok, Ok, um, Ok. There’s this guy right? He’s like the toughest kid in school, but all he wants is a girlfriend. Then one day he wakes up, and his right hand has been transformed into a teenage girl! I shit you not. His right hand literally transforms into a teenage girl from the wrist up. Not only that, but the girl is super psyched about it!  That’s insane on so many levels!

Pros: The premise. Oh, my god, the premise. How can something so simple be so bizarre? In hindsight, its amazing that no one has ever thought of making a story where someone turns into an appendage. The scenes between Seiji and Midori are fascinating to watch. You don’t really realize how much you actually use your hands until its pointed out. Its gets a recommendation out of it’s unique factor alone.

Cons: If you strip away the premise, you’re left is a rather bland anime. All the characters and episodes that don’t deal with Seiji and Midori directly are pretty average. My least favorite are episodes dealing with a doll otoku, mostly because it reminded my of my initial impression of the show. I originally thought it was going to be about a nerd whose only friend is a puppet (and I cringed at the possibilities). Luckily, it was just a show about a kid with a bad reputation who gets a cute girl grafted onto his arm somehow.

Watch it?: You seriously need to watch this once, just to say that you did (3/5)

MVP: Seiji Sawamura


Mad Dog in the House

Best Episode: Ep.5 “The Power of Love” (quite handy, wasn’t she?)

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