Type: Fire Sisters


Synopsis: That kooky half-vampire is at it again! Having personally solved the problems of five smokin’ hot babes, brosky tries to enjoy the remainder of his summer break by catching up on some studying and just hangin’ out. Then the universe remembers that he has two sister. One’s a karate master with a power level of over 9000, and the other wears a kimono. And do they have problems. Scary problems.

Pros: Everything you know and love about the original Bakemonogatari is all here. Its stylized animation, its master cinematography, its clever humor. The show runners even decided to amp up the fan service. What’s changed is the focus of the show. In the first season, the series was about Koyomi helping different individuals with supernatural curses. This season, however, revolves around his sisters. Roughly two-thirds deals with his sister Karen, and the rest with his sister Tsukihi. We’re also properly introduced to Shinobu, the vampire living within Koyomi who we only got brief glimpses of in the first season.

Cons: This is very much a sequel-season. By that, I mean that viewers need to have a healthy understanding of all the show’s continuity. Who every character is, what their deal is, why certain actions are important. Characters from the first season do play less of an important role this time around. They show up just long enough to  maybe frustrate fans, while definitely confusing newbies. Some may also miss the varied ghost story format of season one, though the Fire Sister stories do hold their own.

Watch it?: Definitely, if your a fan. New viewers should watch the first season beforehand. (5/5)

MVP: Karen Araragi

Araragi Karen Wallpaper__yvt2

Girl on Fire

Best Episode: Ep.8 “Tsukihi Phoenix, Part One” (holy crap, what was up with that Tooth-Brushing scene!?)

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