Type: Time Travel


Synopsis: The mad scientist Kyoma Hooin, or Rintaro Okabe, creates a lab with his friends and accidentally creates a time machine. It turns out, however, that this time machine will be stolen by an evil organization and cause a distopian future. It also leads to the death of an important, if dim witted, lab member. In order to stop all of this, the mad scientist has to prevent the time machine from being built. However, this will also result in a death of a different, but equally important, lab member.

Pros: I have to be perfectly honest, I’m a big sucker for time travel stories. And this one didn’t disappoint. What starts off as a seemingly humorous but mundane tale about creating a time machine quickly grows into a large and engrossing story about a man trying to change the past. Everything you thought was unimportant early on pays off in the latter half of the series in a very satisfying way. There are also a few twists and turns that catch you by surprise, adding quite the layer of suspense. The characters are fun to watch, and I especially liked Okabe’s design, as he has a sort of Reed Richard’s quality to him.

Cons: This being a time travel story, some of the specifics may come off as confusing. Luckily, the main story plot is repeated often enough for you to catch the gist of it. It also starts off slow, which makes sense given the later episodes. The second half the show is very story heavy, meaning that the levity enjoyed in the first half is largely diminished. It’s almost like two entirely different shows in terms of tone. Once could probably argue also that the second half is tad repetitive, but given the nature of time travel and the story at large, it’s actually necessary. There’s also the maid character and feminine boy character that aren’t that interesting or important to the overall narrative.

Watch it!?: Only if Time Travel doesn’t hurt your head (5/5)

MVP: Kurisu Makise


When you think about it, this was all kinda her fault.

Best Episode:¬†Ep.22 “Being Meltdown” (when it rains, it pours)

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