Type: Anime Sketch Show


Synopsis: A bunch of guys skeev on girls for six minutes

Pros: I hate to admit it, but this show is very funny in its portrayal of the pathetic lengths men will go to in order to sneak a peek. For any ladies reading this, I am somewhat embarrassed to say that about 90% of what happens in this is  accurate.

Cons: After about the two episodes, you get that joke. “Men look at panties and bras a lot, let’s all point and laugh at that.” The humor doesn’t really evolve from that, but every episode is only 6 minutes, so it can kinda be forgiven.

Watch it?: This show has a weird vibe to it, so watch an episode and see if you like it (3/5)

MVP: Panty Shots


Just Because.

Best Episode: I don’t know (you pick)

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