Cromartie High School

Type: Bad-ass high

cromartie high_77_1280

Synopsis: The hilarious adventures of the delinquents known as Straight Man, Mohawk Boy, Mr. Motion Sickness, the Comedian, Robo, a Gorilla, and Freddie Mercury.

Pros: I don’t think their are enough grammatical combinations to describe the greatness of this show.

Cons: This show is basically an Adult Swim show waiting to happen. Great dialogue, but lackluster animation. In it’s defense, however, the restrained animation puts more focus on the actual jokes.

Watch it?: If you watch a humorous show, you will laugh. It’s only natural. (5/5)

MVP: Freddie


Freddie, what are you doing in a place like this?

Best Episode: All of It (Every single episode)

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