Deadman Wonderland

Type: Super Fun Prison Time!


Synopsis: In the near future, a cry baby by the name of Ganta Igarashi is set to prison by a fixed court for a crime he didn’t commit. The boy is forced to survive in Deadman Wonderland, a prison that doubles as an amusement park. Discovering that he’s able to control his own blood like a weapon, he lives only to get revenge against the man who framed him. If you have a strong constitution, if nothing else will do, and if you like albino side-kicks named Shiro, then maybe you can watch, Deadman Wonderland (cue A-Team theme).

Pros: Deadman Wonderland is a story about a boy who is sent to jail unfairly, then discovers that it was all part of a conspiracy. This by itself is very intriguing. You really sympathize with Ganta during that first episode where he’s being set up, though he does cry a lot. It all happens so quick and suddenly, that you know that something isn’t right. Then the show decides to add blood based superpowers, which adds a fun and dark layer to the show. That element is perhaps the true genius of Deadman Wonderland. It’s able to mix levity with drama very well. Every time you’re presented a ray of hope, the show takes it away. It never lets you forget how bleak Ganta’s situation is, but it also provides just enough optimism to keep you watching. I truly hope this gets a second season.

Cons: Like I said, this show gets pretty damn bleak at times. A few of these characters are disturbing. It’s also a bit more gory than it needs to be. Some other elements are a bit hit or miss. I understood why Ganta’s memories of his friends needed to be used, but since these characters only show up for a few minutes, you really don’t care who they are. It’s also confusing as to why Ganta would’t think about his parents. I mean, Ganta’s mother is mentioned, but since she doesn’t show up, I guess she’s dead? Shiro also presented a bit of a problem, mostly because I found it weird that a teenage girl could wander around a high security prison without anyone being at least annoyed by it. But admittedly, that’s nitpicky.

Watch it?: A bloody good time (4/5)

MVP: Senji Kiyomasa



Best Episode: Ep. 1 “Death Row Inmate” (Where’s Matlock when you need him?)

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