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Lucky Star

Type: Foibles


Summary: Female students talk about eating habits, animals, holidays, gaming vs. studying, the value of limited edition manga, strategy for dating sims. You know, girl stuff.

Pro: This was actually my second attempt at watching Lucky Star. The first time I tried to watch in Japanese with English Subtitles, and couldn’t get past the first ten minutes. I though it was too slow and kinda boring. I watched it again with English Dubbing and loved it. The lesson here is, seemingly, don’t watch pure humor anime in Japanese. Or maybe that’s just me. Anyways, I really enjoyed watching Lucky Star. The jokes landed well. The appreciated the references to other anime. In contrast to my initial hasty judgement, I never found myself bored. I all honesty, I could have watched tons more episodes of Lucky Star, which I can’t say for many other shows.

Cons: As I mentioned above, some of the humor can be lost in translation. I’d recommend watching it in English if you can (something I don’t usually recommend). You should also be aware that the show is based on observational humor, so don’t expect anything flashy. The animation also bugged me, only because the girls looked like they were in Middle School, not High School.

Watch It?: Watch it. Again and Again. (5/5)

MVP: Konata Izumi


Otaku after my own Heart

Best Episode: I can’t decide (you’ll just have to watch a figure it out)

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Type: Red vs Blue (vs White)


Synopsis: This show is about a high school boy named Natsuru who wake up one morning and finds out he’s become a high school girl with a tremendous chest. He also finds out that he’s now a “Kampfer,” or a new member in a battle to the death and can shoot fire. He fights other girls in the same situation, and they become friends, and they sometimes make out with each other. Total girl on girl action. But then you remember that girl Natsuru is a boy, and you feel kinda weird about it. Then you try to justify your feeling to yourself. Then you end up seriously reflection on these strange emotions you’ve always hide from yourself and….wait, what where we talking about?

Pros: I really ended up liking this anime. It’s funny, it’s sexy, and it’s a lot more clever than I expected it to be. The first half of the show has a serious superhero quality to it. Natsuru ends up getting into a love triangle with the girl he likes, his female alter ego, and his male self. Classic comic book stuff.  It was very fun watching Natsuru try to deal with having to turn into a girl at random times. He also develops an interesting relationship with Akane, another “Kampfer,” who become his closest confidant. Even when other girls where added, Akane and her bad ass alter ego stood out. I could easily imagine Natsuru falling for her or Shizuku. Halfway through, the anime turns into a harem show, which just adds more layers of fan service based humor. This show knows how to titillate properly. I really, really, really hope that this gets a second season down the line.

Cons: For a show about a mysterious battle between “Kampfers,” the actions scenes aren’t really impressive. They’re just sorta there. It’s also not explained why Kampfers are only allowed to be girls, or why Natsuru was chosen. I’m assuming that’s for future episodes (if any). The show does explain why Kampfer are battling in the first place, but this explanation is far from satisfying. The final bad guy in all this is predictable, but the way Natsuru reacts to this person is bothersome.

Watch it?: It’s almost as good as Red vs. Blue (4/5)

MVP: Akane Mishima (Kampfer)


Bang Bang

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “Sweetheart: The First Date” (don’t you hate it when people don’t know if it’s a date or not?)

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Infinite Stratos

Type: Mecha Girls School


Synopsis: So apparently, the trick to a female dominated world and universal peace is creating mecha suits that are incredibly powerful and can only be piloted by women. This will lead to a world wide non-aggression treaty, and make all other modes of warfare obsolete. All potential mecha pilots are then trained in quasi-military schools to keep that balance of power intact. This will of course all shatter when a man is finally able to use mecha suits, as his manly manness will distract the female pilots. Because girls, right?

Pros: I really liked this show, and could easily image myself watching it on main stream TV. I was able to get into this show relatively easily. Maybe I just really like the concept of “battle schools,” since that’s basically what this show is. Well, to be honest, its a harem love-comedy with a battle school as the background. But the actions is pretty good. If I was younger, I could easily see myself buying toys or playing games based on this show. I also really liked the pairing of protagonist Ichika and Charlotte. I thought they made a cute couple.

Cons: This is a somewhat quick harem. By this I mean that every potential love interest gets 1-2  introduction episodes, and is then set aside to the background. The only girls Ichika properly bonds with is Charlotte and his childhood friend Houki. If the show ever gets a second season, they may expand on Ichika’s relationship with each girl, but as it is, your left feeling a little rushed. I also felt that Ichika was a bit dense, even for a harem protagonist.

Watch it?: Yes, I thorougly enjoyed it (4/5)

MVP: Charlotte Dunois


France’s Best Export

Best Episode: Ep. 9 “Ocean’s Eleven!” (not the movie)

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Samurai Girls

Type: Feudal Harem


Synopsis: Have you ever imagined a world where the Tokugawa Shogunate still had power in Japan? Me neither. The reality, or fictional reality, of the whole situations turns out to be kinda iffy. On the one hand, Japan would have been stuck with a hierarchical system and rigid isolationist policies. On the other hand, it would also be almost entirely populated with pretty samurai girls who make-out with you to get super powers.

Pros: The first thing you’ll notice about Samurai Girls it’s art style. Samurai Girls uses an Ink Painting aesthetic, and a lot of it’s background look straight out of a scroll drawing. It’s tempting to recommend the entire show just based on it’s neat animation. The whole Ink theme really compliments the samurai aspects of the show. (P.S. A whole lot of fan service, some of it pretty good).

Cons: For a show with such a unique art style, Samurai Girls uses very average story beats. Even the kissing warrior thing had been done before. This is a basic harem show, with all the usual suspects. The tsundere, the childhood friend, the underdeveloped girl, the really psyched girl, etc. The samurai angle kinda makes it interesting, but even that gets drenched in corny speeches about duty and ideals.  The fan service also gets to be a bit too much, and isn’t used to it’s full comedic potential.

Watch it?: Neat art, average story. Good enough watch. (3/5)

MVP: Yukimura Sanada

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Bride - 05 - Large 24

Girl with the plan

Best Episode: Ep.10 “The Prison of the Evil Eye” (a pretty cool episode)

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