Infinite Stratos

Type: Mecha Girls School


Synopsis: So apparently, the trick to a female dominated world and universal peace is creating mecha suits that are incredibly powerful and can only be piloted by women. This will lead to a world wide non-aggression treaty, and make all other modes of warfare obsolete. All potential mecha pilots are then trained in quasi-military schools to keep that balance of power intact. This will of course all shatter when a man is finally able to use mecha suits, as his manly manness will distract the female pilots. Because girls, right?

Pros: I really liked this show, and could easily image myself watching it on main stream TV. I was able to get into this show relatively easily. Maybe I just really like the concept of “battle schools,” since that’s basically what this show is. Well, to be honest, its a harem love-comedy with a battle school as the background. But the actions is pretty good. If I was younger, I could easily see myself buying toys or playing games based on this show. I also really liked the pairing of protagonist Ichika and Charlotte. I thought they made a cute couple.

Cons: This is a somewhat quick harem. By this I mean that every potential love interest gets 1-2 ¬†introduction episodes, and is then set aside to the background. The only girls Ichika properly bonds with is Charlotte and his childhood friend Houki. If the show ever gets a second season, they may expand on Ichika’s relationship with each girl, but as it is, your left feeling a little rushed. I also felt that Ichika was a bit dense, even for a harem protagonist.

Watch it?: Yes, I thorougly enjoyed it (4/5)

MVP: Charlotte Dunois


France’s Best Export

Best Episode: Ep. 9¬†“Ocean’s Eleven!” (not the movie)

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