Type: Red vs Blue (vs White)


Synopsis: This show is about a high school boy named Natsuru who wake up one morning and finds out he’s become a high school girl with a tremendous chest. He also finds out that he’s now a “Kampfer,” or a new member in a battle to the death and can shoot fire. He fights other girls in the same situation, and they become friends, and they sometimes make out with each other. Total girl on girl action. But then you remember that girl Natsuru is a boy, and you feel kinda weird about it. Then you try to justify your feeling to yourself. Then you end up seriously reflection on these strange emotions you’ve always hide from yourself and….wait, what where we talking about?

Pros: I really ended up liking this anime. It’s funny, it’s sexy, and it’s a lot more clever than I expected it to be. The first half of the show has a serious superhero quality to it. Natsuru ends up getting into a love triangle with the girl he likes, his female alter ego, and his male self. Classic comic book stuff.  It was very fun watching Natsuru try to deal with having to turn into a girl at random times. He also develops an interesting relationship with Akane, another “Kampfer,” who become his closest confidant. Even when other girls where added, Akane and her bad ass alter ego stood out. I could easily imagine Natsuru falling for her or Shizuku. Halfway through, the anime turns into a harem show, which just adds more layers of fan service based humor. This show knows how to titillate properly. I really, really, really hope that this gets a second season down the line.

Cons: For a show about a mysterious battle between “Kampfers,” the actions scenes aren’t really impressive. They’re just sorta there. It’s also not explained why Kampfers are only allowed to be girls, or why Natsuru was chosen. I’m assuming that’s for future episodes (if any). The show does explain why Kampfer are battling in the first place, but this explanation is far from satisfying. The final bad guy in all this is predictable, but the way Natsuru reacts to this person is bothersome.

Watch it?: It’s almost as good as Red vs. Blue (4/5)

MVP: Akane Mishima (Kampfer)


Bang Bang

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “Sweetheart: The First Date” (don’t you hate it when people don’t know if it’s a date or not?)

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