R.O.D. the TV (Part 1)

Type: Paper Sister Detective Agency


Synopsis: Three sisters, Michelle, Maggie, and Anita, are dirt poor detectives hired to guard an author whose only written one book in her entire career. The three sister are all “Paper Users,” people with the ability to manipulate paper. Believe it or not, this isn’t the craziest part. Nor the fact that these super powered pretty girls are always strapped for cash. The real jump is believing that a person whose only written one book five years ago is considered an “author.” That’s just silly.

Pros: The paper based powers are cool. It’s kinda like the Avatar water, air, and earth bending all rolled into one. The animation really makes the power seem powerful, but at the same time graceful. The same goes for the three leads, the “Paper Sisters.” The sister really shine when on a mission, because you get to seem them use their skills and teamwork first hand. The show demonstrates that these girls are professionals. I would have been perfectly happy if the whole series had just been a series of one-off missions involving the Paper Sisters.

Cons: While the action driven episodes are strong, the rest are hit or miss. The fist half of the show focuses on the Paper Sister’s time with Nenene Suminegara, a temperamental author. I disliked Nenene and found her obnoxious, but the show does a somewhat decent job at explaining why she’s that way, and her relationship with the sisters increases her likability. Thing get really boring when Anita goes to middle school. Because, you know, middle school. The show changes in tone after episode 13, introducing elements from the larger R.O.D. franchise. So you might as well consider the first 13 episodes as a season 1.

Watch it?: Paper Bending is something you must see (4/5)

MVP: Maggie Mui


I like the big strong silent type

Best Episode: Ep. 12-13 Twilight of Paper (Imagine Mission Impossible, but awesome)

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