Squid Girl

Type: Girl who is also a squid


Synopsis: A horrible invader from beyond the waves has come to ensnare us in her turquoise grasp! Tremble in terror at her tentacle might! Feel the sting of pure evil as she bathes you in her nautical ink! Realize how hard it is to come up with squid related phrases!

Pros: I loved Squid Girl because the show just decided to go with it. This is an anime. The main character has squid based powers. Go. The show is at it’s best when it plays around and experiments with different types of stories. You could really tell that the creators had some fun on this one. My particular favorites were the tale of Squid Girl’s first umbrella and the story of Mini Squid Girl. This is the type of show where you can just sit back and chuckle. And there’s nothing sweeter than that.

Cons: The show lost some of it’s charm when it tries to get all feel-good you. The very troupe heavy scenes aren’t bad, there just not original. We’ve all seen the moment when the protagonist realizes that someone else is really nice, so would you go back to the ink spitting all ready? Luckily, since the show is spit into segments, these moments are disperse well enough.

Watch it?: I’m ganna rewatch it. Like right now. (4/5)

MVP: Squid Girl


She’s a girl and a squid. Get it!?

Best Episode: Ep. 8 “Squidn’t you bring an umbrella? / Won’t You Use It?” (the powers of friendship is beautiful)

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