The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

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Synopsis: Ryner Lute and Ferris Eris are on this really rad adventure to collect “Hero Relics,” super cool artifacts that were used to kill the demon gods of ancient times. Their story proved to be so Metal, that the show was legally obligated to dilute it with a lame side-plot involving some sissy looking King and his political battles. I mean, its cool that he hates the aristocracy, because Fuck The Aristocracy, but he goes from Elizabeth the First to Richard the Third a bit too quickly.

Pros: The show is at its best when it focuses on its Medieval Adventure aspects. I really enjoyed the journey of Ryner Lute, a lazy but powerful magician, and Ferris Eris, a beautiful swordswoman with a dumpling obsession.  They made a great pair and had excellent comedic timing. I particularly liked when Eris made up stories about Ryner’s supposed “lecherous” personality. Every time they show up, you know your in for a fun and action-filled time. I was also intrigued by the show’s magical history, especially concerning the Hero Relics and Alpha Stigmas. And was it just me, or does a show about The Mad Hero and Lonely Demon sound awesome?

Cons: About 60% of the show doesn’t actually deal with Ryner and Eris, but with Sion , his royal staff, and the Roland Kingdom. Sion is a King and Ryner’s best friend, and he predictably goes to the dark side to “save the world.” This wasn’t necessarily a bad thing to happen, but the way it was executed was disheartening.  We as the audience aren’t given enough access to Sion’s thoughts and feelings about the decisions he makes, so his ultimate fall from grace is left anticlimactic.  As such, Ryder and Eris are left doing the heavy lifting enjoyment wise. I should also point out that sometimes the show goes a bit too far in depicting the harsher aspects of Medieval societies such as child soldiers, rape, Aristocratic Incest, superstitious bigotry, etc. The ending was also confusing and unsatisfying, using the whole “secret badguy” trick.

Watch it?: Yes, but feel free to skim past Sion’s parts (4/5)

MVP: Ferris Eris


Dango, Dango, Dango….

Best Episode: Ep.1 “The Napping Kingdom’s Ambitions” (I wish it had been like this all the time)

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2 thoughts on “The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

  1. I wasn’t sure whether to watch this one. Your review has me convinced. There’s nothing like an enjoyable fantasy anime.

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