Type: Not a board game


Synopsis: It starts off as a contest between the demon realm and land of angels, then it forgets about that after the third episode. Then it turns into a show about a five-way love contest, where two of the participants just happen to be demon/god princesses. Then it forgets about the princesses and changes into a show about a love triangle involving a childhood friend and really, really sick girl. Then the girl gets sick. Then it ends.

Pros: The show really shines when its a drama, something I never thought I’d write about a harem anime. But its true. You see, the show starts out as a regular harem show, with the spice of demons and angels as the, seemingly, main love rivals. This goes on until episode 12, when the girls “dark pasts” are revealed. It takes an unexpected turn by going into demon world stuff, then really takes a left turn when you learn about Rin and Kaede’s origins. I particularly loved what the show did with Kaede. Chicka is disturbed. It’s messed-up, but at the same time really engrossing. I didn’t see the second part of Shuffle! coming, which made it all the more intriguing.

Cons: The first half of Shuffle! is really cookie-cutter. It’s not bad, but anyone whose ever seen a harem/high school anime will see the story beats a mile away. Still, its enjoyable enough. I should also point out that while I loved the second part of the show, it used the “multiple personalities” cliche on three of the girls! Plus the magic thing? Not that important. To be honest, my favorite story arc involved not magic whatsoever.

Watch it?: Ep. 1-11 for harem lovers, Ep. 12-24 for drama lovers (3/5)

MVP: Kaede Fuyou


This chick is crazy. I love crazy!

Best Episode: Ep. 19-12 Kaede Arc (This shit just got real)

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2 thoughts on “Shuffle!

  1. Oh man, here I thought there wouldn’t be people watching old anime like this one (well, not that old but still plenty old).

    I still remember that…. boxcutter scene D:

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