Type: Fishin’


Synopsis: Yuki Sanada is a complete spaz who goes crazy whenever he’s in a socially awkward situation. He then befriends Haru, a weirdo whose way too energetic for his own good. The two eventually wiggle their way into the life of Natsuki Usami, a complete and utter jerk who just happens to be good a fishing. Together the three, along with this 25 year old Indian secret agent, spend long weekends together on a small boat for hours at a time. They call it “fishing.”

Pros: The first thing you’ll notice about Tsuritama is its animation. The style it uses is incredibly vibrant and bright, almost to the point of carrying the anime by itself. A notable example is the use of drowning to convey Yuki’s social anxiety. I thought this was a clever and accurate depiction of the feeling. In terms of story, the two arcs that stood out were Nastuki’s family troubles, and Haru’s mission. Though one was more intimate while the other was larger in scope, they both proved to be very interesting. There was also a surprising amount of character growth for a 12-episode anime.

Cons: Tsuritama is slow. The show goes for a more subtle approach in terms of humor. This is more of a coming-of-age story than a summer comedy. I almost feel that this would have been better as a movie than tv show. The main characters of the show become friends through fishing, so expect a lot of fishing tutorials. I personally found this boring, but that’s just me. I also found the characters Haru and Nastuki to be grating at times, ironic since I found their story arcs the most interesting. Haru’s whole cheerful and immature thing bordered on the annoying, while Nastuki’s treatment of his family bugged the hell out of me. All in all, a lot of the elements were there, but it never quite gelled for me.

Watch it?: This won’t be for everyone, but maybe you’ll like it (3/5)

MVP: Yuki Sanada


Don’t drown!

Best Episode: Ep. 1 “Panicked Fishing” (we’ve all been there)

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