Street Fighter IV: The Ties That Bind

Type: OVA that’s really Mini-Movie


Synopsis: Here comes a new challenger, oh wait, no. Instead we get a sixty minute thing about everyone talking to Ken about looking for Ryu.  You see, Ryu’s wanted by this evil organization run by a nudist, who want to use his “hidden power” for some reason. I’m assuming they mean his ability to only ever wear one outfit. As a B-story, Ken learns the importance of communication in a marriage.

Pros: It’s always a treat when popular characters you know get the anime treatment. If I had my way, all my favorites would have at least one OVA. Sadly, my Superman Harem: The Animation is still a few years away.

Cons: You know, for an anime based on a fighting game, you’d thing there be, you know, fighting in it. But no. There’s only about 3 fights, and their not very good. Why couldn’t they just do something as stylistic as the game trailer? Its an anime. Just go nuts! Or if they just wanted to focus on backstory, I would have loved to see smaller segments about different street fighters. Where is Dan and what is he doing? Yeah, Ryu, Ken, Sakura, Cammie, Chun-Li, and Guile are cool, but did you really need to explains what they’re deal is at this point? Couldn’t the franchise have used this opportunity to better introduce some of the new characters of SFIV. I should also mention that I may only have a working knowledge about Street Fighter’s main story, but I had some troubles following some of the details here.

Watch it?: Skip it. Go to Youtube, type in Street Fighter, and spend your hour surfing videos instead.

MVP: Ken


Because the universe already revolves around him and Ryu anyways

Best Moment: Ryu and Ken touching foreheads. (just kiss bros, you know you want to)

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