Type: Gods of War, and such


Synopsis: Imagine if your grandfather gave you a free trip to Italia in exchange for delivering a package that accidentally turns you into a god-slayer. Pretty sweet right? Well, that’s not all. In addition to having the raddest title every, you’ve also become incredibly attractive to four very pretty girls, and one god. Best part, your true powers only activate by making out with them. This is basically your middle school fan fiction.

Pros: I’ll give this to Campione!, it had the sexiest kissing scenes I’ve ever seen in an anime. Seeing this made me realize just how little kissing there actually is in anime. While this show does have a lot of problems, I found myself really liking the character Liliana Kranjcar. I thought her habit of writing romantic short stories was very funny, and actually had a lot of potential by itself.

Cons: Sloppy. This show is very sloppy. It kinda felt like fan-fiction a teenager had written during their summer vacation in Italy. It throws too much information at you arbitrarily. For instance, in episode 3 the show introduces a rival character and mention that he and Godo had a fight to the draw, but we actually never got to see any of that! It’s the third freaking episode, and the main character apparently got a rival off screen. How audacious is that! The action was also pretty weak, and while the idea of fighting gods was interesting, they never came off as anything but generic monsters. I found the character Yuri Mariya particularly boring as well, and felt she could have been cut all together. (P.S. I’m all for passionate kissing, but the scenes between Godou and Erica were a bit much. The sheer amount of fluids, sheesh!)(There’s this one scene in Ep. 12, well, I guess I shouldn’t spoil it....Godou and Erica have magic sex on the beach!!

Watch it: Nope. But do look up the make-out scenes it your feeling amorous (2/5)

MVP: Liliana Kranjcar


Where is her spin-off!!

Best Episode: Ep. 9 “The Missing King” (I’d read her novel)

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