So, I Can’t Play H?

Type: Powered by Eroticism


Synopsis: Ryosuke Kaga sees a pretty girl standing in the rain and staring at his house. So what does he do? He invites her in and gets stabbed. But she’s not a hobo. She is in fact Lisara, a Shinigami who requires living energy to stay in the human world. She just happens to gain access to that energy through magical stabbing. Jokes on her though! Cause it turns out that ol’ Ryosuke’s energy is driven by, you guessed it, being a total skeeve.

Pros: This show was really charming, for lack of a better word, in its use of pervert powered fighting energy. The idea of a sexy girl getting energy from some dude isn’t really new, but So I Can’t H? was refreshingly honest about it. It really played around with the absurdity that a dude’s boner, or “The Kingdom” as Ryosuke (and now I) called it, would in any way help someone get more powerful. Ryosuke was an upfront pervert, who embraced his new found position as an ero-battery with such gusto and excitement, that you couldn’t help but admire him.

Cons: At about episode 6, the show takes an unwelcomed tonal shift, becoming more of a generic action show. The plot of the show kicks in, involving the Shinigami world and use of living energy, and actually proved detrimental to my enjoyment. The latter half of the show wasn’t bad, but it lost it’s charm. The action was repetitive, the plot wasn’t all that interesting, and Serious-Ryosuke was annoying. Had So I Can’t H? just stuck to the premise of “pervert powered fighting” for at least 11 episodes, it would have been a much better experience.

Watch it?: Good first half, lackluster second half (3/5)

MVP: Lisara Restor


I love redheads

Best Episode: Ep. 4“The Gap Between Large and Small Breasts” (enchanted falsies)

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