The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

Type: Man, I wish they did this with the U.S. Civil War


Synopsis: The year is somewhere around the 16th century. Those were turbulent times. Japan was in the middle of a countless civil wars, Religion/Political/Commercial leaders vied for power by any means necessary, and all the high ranking military personnel just happen to be pretty teenage girls. There was also this time traveler who helped Oda Nobuna, commonly misnamed Nobunaga, with his Nobunaga’s Ambition video game experience (which is a real game!).

Pros: Listen, I’m a fan of history, so I’m a tad biased when saying that having an anime re-imagine the Sengoku Period was pretty great. Making the famous Oda Nobunaga a pretty blonde girl made me think about other historical figures as pretty anime girls. I’m looking at you Abraham Lincoln. I’m not an expert, but all the major events in the anime seemed legit, and genuinely exciting. The history lessons were nicely woven with typical harem/love-comedy story beats. By itself, it’s an above-average harem anime. I also really liked the show’s celebration of a merit based society and international cooperation, which are two very noble goals even today.

Cons: I’m willing to let the fact that one of Japan’s most famous figures was a blonde girl go because this is anime, and having pretty girls as historical figures made learning about history more exciting. Though don’t expect a truly accurate retelling, because I doubt that elephants ever stampeded down Kyoto (though I really wish they had). My problem wasn’t with that, it was with the main character, Sagara. It’s never really explained how Sagara ended up in the past. Seriously. The show starts with Sagara already in the past. He just accepted it like it was nothing. That was weird. I also found it kinda iffy that Sagara’s “crew,” for lack of a better word, were all prepubescent girls. The show also had this habit of adding new characters every couple of episodes, which made the cast seem a little crowded.

Watch it: Any history or harem fan will love it (4/5)

MVP: Oda Nobuna

Oda Nobuna no Yabou - 06 - Large 26

Let’s Unify Japan Together!

Best Episode:  Ep. 6 “Sunomata One-Night Castle” (I wonder if this really happened?)

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3 thoughts on “The Ambition of Oda Nobuna

  1. I’ve heard plenty of good things about this anime. From the release of Fate/Stay Night, animators in Japan have reversed the genders of many historical figures in the past few years.

    I’d love to see an anime of the U.S. Civil War done in this same fashion! From his personality, I think that General Lee might be the easiest figure to do a gender reversal on. I just read about how he finally allowed one of his sons to join the Confederate army and helped him to pack what was necessary. His son later remarked that the necessities were too much–even as Lee wrote to his wife that he worried whether he ought to have packed another pair of pants. 🙂

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