Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

Type: Why can’t they make a FFVII anime already?


Synopsis: No, really. Why isn’t there an anime version of any of the main Final Fantasy titles?

Pros: Any Final Fantasy VII fan will consider this particular FF anime a treat. The anime is told through flashbacks, interchanging between two events that take place prior to the actual game. It once again retells the infamous Nibelheim incident, so you get to see Sephiroth vs. Zack, Sephiroth vs. Cloud, and young Tifa during her bizarre cowboy faze. The other story is Zack and Cloud’s escape to Midgar. All of this is presented via very pretty animation, the type you usually get with short licensed works like these.

Cons: Anyone not familiar with FFVII won’t enjoy it as much as fans will. Though, fans might not like it either. For one, it reminds us that there is still no proper Final Fantasy anime based on an actual game. Get on it Square. Second, it changes a few things from the Nibelheim incident that might be found distasteful. My personal beef, as an FF fan, came from the Sephiroth vs. Cloud fight, where Sephiroth jumps to his “death” instead of being thrown by Cloud. It’s a minor change, but it bugged the hell out of me.

Watch it?: A fun treat for Final Fantasy Fanatics

MVP: Zack Fair


I’d even take a Crisis Core anime.

Best Moment: Sephiroth vs. Zack (ah, hell yeah!)

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3 thoughts on “Last Order: Final Fantasy VII

  1. Artemis says:

    “No, really. Why isn’t there an anime version of any of the main Final Fantasy titles?”

    I’ve wondered exactly the same thing numerous times. Assuming whoever was in charge had a decent budget to work with, I would have thought making such a thing could be potentially extremely profitable. That said, I’m not a gamer and no absolutely nothing about the FF series other than the storyline clips I’ve seen, so perhaps there are obstacles there I’m just not aware of. I’m also assuming the anime industry knows full well that anime based on video games have a history of tanking.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, that’s probably it. Not everything can be Persona 4.

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