The Severing Crime Edge

Type: Hair & Murder

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Synopsis: Everyone has a fetish. This one weird things that society may judge them for. Some people like feet. Others like leather. Kiri Haimura likes hair. A lot. Like, its a sex thing. Luckily, he meets Iwai Mushanokoji, who’s basically anime Rapunzel. The two have a cute romance that’s sometimes interrupted by people trying to kill Iwai because their haunted utensils told them to.

Pros: Hands down, the highlight of the anime was the relationship between Kiri and Iwai. They were the cutest couple ever, and had the funniest scenes. I especially liked the fact that the two actually became a couple, a declared boyfriend and girlfriend, well before the season was over. Since most anime tend to drag this on till the very end, I found it extra charming. The premise was also fairly interesting. Iwai is the “Hair Queen,” who’s cursed with long hair and is the center of a killing contest. Anyone who possesses a “Killing Good,” a murderer’s cursed tool, who kills Iwai will get their wish granted. Bad part is, the most you use a “Killing Good,” the more addictive it becomes. Thus, the show has a nice love story coupled with an interesting psychological-action drama.

Cons: The pilot really threw me off. The episode itself isn’t bad in the least, it’s actually ever endearing, but it didn’t do a good job at setting up the rest of the show. Based on the pilot, this anime is about a girl with long hair and a boy that really likes to cut hair. The whole “Killing Good” thing isn’t introduced until the second episode. The pilot really felt more like a prologue, or even an OVA, than an actual first episode. In fact, this is kinda the show’s core problems. It’s sightly unbalanced between being a love-comedy and drama. So it’s weird when characters that were murderous psychopaths in one scene hang out with the main characters in the next.  “Killing Goods” also have a strange sexual understone to them that was very iffy. I’m also not sure if this was just me, but some of the action scenes had a weird colored screen put over them. Maybe it’s a censoring thing. (P.S. Scissors, not the most exciting weapon)

Watch it?: A pretty solid, if morbid, show (3/5)

MVP: Iwai Mushanokoji


Long live the Hair Queen!

Best Episode: Ep. 10 “—Standing Babe-ation—” (A showcase of the entire show)


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