The Severing Crime Edge

Type: Hair & Murder

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Synopsis: Everyone has a fetish. This one weird things that society may judge them for. Some people like feet. Others like leather. Kiri Haimura likes hair. A lot. Like, its a sex thing. Luckily, he meets Iwai Mushanokoji, who’s basically anime Rapunzel. The two have a cute romance that’s sometimes interrupted by people trying to kill Iwai because their haunted utensils told them to.

Pros: Hands down, the highlight of the anime was the relationship between Kiri and Iwai. They were the cutest couple ever, and had the funniest scenes. I especially liked the fact that the two actually became a couple, a declared boyfriend and girlfriend, well before the season was over. Since most anime tend to drag this on till the very end, I found it extra charming. The premise was also fairly interesting. Iwai is the “Hair Queen,” who’s cursed with long hair and is the center of a killing contest. Anyone who possesses a “Killing Good,” a murderer’s cursed tool, who kills Iwai will get their wish granted. Bad part is, the most you use a “Killing Good,” the more addictive it becomes. Thus, the show has a nice love story coupled with an interesting psychological-action drama.

Cons: The pilot really threw me off. The episode itself isn’t bad in the least, it’s actually even endearing, but it didn’t do a good job at setting up the rest of the show. Based on the pilot, this anime is about a girl with long hair and a boy that really likes to cut hair. The whole “Killing Good” thing isn’t introduced until the second episode. The pilot really felt more like a prologue, or even an OVA, than an actual first episode. In fact, this is kinda the show’s core problems. It’s sightly unbalanced between being a love-comedy and drama. So it’s weird when characters that were murderous psychopaths in one scene hang out with the main characters in the next.  “Killing Goods” also have strange sexual undertones to them that was very iffy. I’m also not sure if this was just me, but some of the action scenes had a weird colored screen put over them. Maybe it’s a censoring thing. (P.S. Scissors, not the most exciting weapon)

Watch it?: A pretty solid, if morbid, show (3/5)

MVP: Iwai Mushanokoji


Long live the Hair Queen!

Best Episode: Ep. 10 “—Standing Babe-ation—” (A showcase of the entire show)


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