Blast of Tempest (Part 1)

Type: Someone really liked Hamlet and The Tempest


Synopsis: The world is nearly destroyed by these giant fruits that turn people’s skin into metal. This causes these two broskies, Yoshino and Mahiro, to agree to help this magic chick named Hakaze Kurasibe, whose stuck on an island Guilligan’s Island style. If they help her kill a tree to save another tree to save the world, she’ll help them solve the murder of Mahiro’s sister, who was coincidentally bangin’ Yoshino on the side. It’s like Shakespeare himself wrote it.

Pros: Right off the bat, the anime has one speed, GO. The show literally starts at the end of the world, and follows these two best friend’s travel’s through an apocalyptic Japan. I loved this. It was like The Road meets Walking Dead, only with statues instead of zombies. You get high-octane action thanks to the magical element of the show. You also get intense drama thanks to the secret that Yoshino dated Mahiro’s sister behind his back. I really got the sense that Mahiro would have straight up killed Yoshino if he ever found out. Even though the fate of the world was at stake, the story really benefited by focusing so closely on Yoshino and Mahoro. I also really liked the way Hakaze was handled. Her role in leading the boys without actually physically being there made her seem more powerful and important than if she had been walking with them.

Cons: I’ll be honest, I had a hard time keeping track of which tree is suppose to be the evil one. You see, the point of Yoshino and Mahiro’s journey is to help Hakaze stop her clan from reviving the Tree of Exodus, but then is turns out that the Tree of Genesis might be just as bad. Then we learn that these tress are sentient or something, and man, it was hard to keep it all straight. In fact, the show tend to overcomplicate it’s plot more than it should, cough Time Travel cough. It helps if you consider the tree their own characters instead of abstract ideas. Apart from that, I really, really, really, really hated the fact that Mahiro was in love with his sister. Even the whole “we’re not blood, so it’s alright” argument didn’t make it any less creepy. I should also point out that the first episode throws a lot at you, so you may spend an episode or two playing catch up (though Ep. 13 does provide a nice recap).

Watch it?: Murder, magic, and pretty bros, what more could you want? (4/5)

MVP: Hakaze Kusaribe


Saves the world through a wooden waki-talkie

Best Episode: Ep. 8-10 “The Great Forest Debate” (Yoshino bullshits his way into being a hero)

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4 thoughts on “Blast of Tempest (Part 1)

  1. Artemis says:

    I’m really glad I tried this out after a friend recced it – on paper it sounds like exactly the sort of anime I wouldn’t like, yet it turned out to be not only entertaining but also surprisingly intelligent.

  2. lexor831 says:

    I was as pleasantly surprise as you were.

  3. khajata says:

    I’ve been meaning to give this series a try, but I’ve heard is is heavily male-romance focused.

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