Blast of Tempest (Part 2)

Type: I’ve actually only read Hamlet.

Synopsis: So it turns out that the good tree in the first part is actually the evil tree, and the evil tree is now the good one in the second part. At least, I think that’s what a happened. Anyway, the main guy Yoshino spends the second half traveling with bravado filled turned love sick Hakaze Kurasibe while other main guy Mahiro trains Megumu Hanemura, a character where supposed to care about but don’t really. Oh, and the magic killer trees may be from space.

Pros: The second half of the show if definitely the funniest. I guess that since the show got all that pesky plot out of the way in the first half, they could focus more on humor. Take for instance the time when Hanemura calls Mahiro on his sister complex, which brought me so much joy. This part also treats the topic of Yoshino dating Mahiro’s sister with more maturity than I thought it would have. Speaking of Mahiro’s sister, in ep. 21 we finally get to meet the infamous Fuwa Aika, who tuned out to be way more likable than the flashbacks made her out to be. There’s also a particularly awesome fighting scene in ep. 21 that’s well worth the watch.

Cons: In this half of Blast of Tempest, the scope of the show becomes broader. Civilization is back on track, and the whole cast more or less switch to the same side. This took away from the tension and uniqueness of the first half, and made the rest of the anime seem more cookie cutter. It honestly felt like two entirely different anime. Still confusing and convoluted though.  Then there’s Hanemura, a “chosen one” character that mainly serves as comic relief and has a girlfriend we never meet. I also disliked the portrayal of Hakaze Kurasibe. Once she actually had a physical presence in the plot, she went from a charismatic leader to typical in-love heroine. She weirdly had more agency when she wasn’t around. (Though it was funny that she and her brother had the same style of overthinking.)

Watch it?: You kinda need to for completion’s sake, though Ep. 21 is highly recommended (3/5)

MVP: Fuwa Aika’s Murder Mystery


Still very intriguing

Best Episode: Ep. 21 “Femme Fetale” (I honestly didn’t expect to like Aika that much)

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4 thoughts on “Blast of Tempest (Part 2)

  1. Artemis says:

    A little surprisingly, I think Aika turned out to be my favourite character of the whole show. It helps that she’s not only interesting but quite unique compared to the vast majority of other female anime characters I can think of, both in terms of both her general personality as well as her motivations. And of course, compared to the love-struck Hakaze we get presented with in the second half, Aika is also by far the emotionally stronger female character.

  2. It was definitely a very unique show. There are some shows that explore weird possibilities, and even if they don’t succeed, they broaden the possibilities of shows that come afterward.

    I think Zetsuen no Tempest expanded the possibilities of anime, and I hope a lot of future shows take its ideas and run with them. In the end, I don’t know that I liked the show all that much.

    The things I disliked about the show were mostly unimportant and personal – for example, I wasn’t crazy about the similarity of its magic to superhero-type-stuff, and I thought the romantic plots were unconvincing. The things I liked were classic, such as its use of foreshadowing and literary allusion.

    The show had a lot of momentum and dramatic plot twists that kept me coming back, but perhaps it was over-done to the point where it seemed too contrived.

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