To Love Ru Darkness

Type: Really selling me on a Golden Darkness prequel series


Synopsis: Lover boy Rito is still trying to balance a life where every other girl is in love with him. This is made more difficult by Princess Momo, a SVU villain waiting to happen. She takes it upon herself to get create a harem by getting Rito laid, either by her or someone else. As far as evil plans go, it’s no poisoning the town’s water supply, but eh. We also learn about one of the character’s mysterious past (hint: her name is in the title).

Pros: To Love Ru Darkness traded in the rapid fire comedy of it’s predecessor Motto To Love Ru in exchange for a more dramatic atmosphere.  You can tell by the improved camera work and addition of shadow, both of which look exquisite, that this entry in the To Love Ru franchise is trying to tell a more sophisticated story.  Well, as sophisticated as you can get in a show where the main conflict in where or not the male protagonist should consider forming a harem. The character of Momo was the perfect female protagonist for this season, as her devious nature played a nice contrast to Lala’s always cheerful demeanor. And if anyone new was going to carry a plot, it would be Golden Darkness. I should also point out that in contrast with most harem shows, some of the fan service scenes where downright sexy, I’m talking Barry White levels here. (but don’t worry, there is still plenty of panty shots and boob grabbing for you traditionalists).

Cons: First off, you will really have had to have watched To Love Ru and Motto To Love Ru to understand anything that’s going on. While this season puts more focus on Momo, Golden Darkness, and Nana, every other possible love interest for Rito gets at least an episode to spotlight their relationship. I should also note that anyone who loved Motto To Love Ru’s style may be disappointed at To Love Ru Darkness’s, well, darker tone. It’s not Shakespeare tragic, but there where time when I did get a bit anxious. The some of the fan service scenes in particular were unsettling. Momo was at times too sexually aggressive, but Episode 12 and the To Love Ru OVA do clear up her motivations.

Watch it?: Good in a different way, though does require some research (4/5)

MVP: Momo Belia Deviluke 

Motto To Love-Ru ep 9 pic 2

This girl could seduce Satan himself

Best Episode: Ep.10 “Past ~Memories Leading to Tomorrow~” (too a while to figure out)

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