Good Luck Girl!

Type: Hard Luck Woman’s Bizarro Twin


Synopsis: Ichiko Sakura is the luckiest girl in the world. Literally. She’s so fortunate that she has actually begun to drain the luck of everyone around her. In order to fix this, a God of Misfortune named Momiji is sent to take Ichiko’s blessing and redistribute it to the world. Because everyone deserves to be a big breasted rich girl with good looks and high intelligence. I know I do.

Pros: I have to give Good Luck Girl! props for making the protagonist Ichiko into a real person. Being the luckiest girl in the world, Ichiko could have easily been made into a stereotypical nice-girl character. But instead, she’s pretty selfish and conceited. This makes for some pretty funny scenes with Momiji, the God of Misfortune sent to steal Ichiko’s luck. You actually side with Momiji at times because when you think about it, Ichiko is kinda a villain, considering that she doesn’t care that she’s stealing people’s fortune. The show is also incredibly funny. There’s a straight-up song to fan service in this thing.  My personal favorite gags where the parody skits. Dragon Ball Z, Death Note, Lupin, nothing is safe.

Cons: The show is about 30% generic anime drama. Part of the premise is that Ichiko is lucky in everything except the things that really matter. She has no friends because of her stuck-up attitude. So throughout the show, Ichiko has to learn to be a more empathetic person. This results in episodes where she saves a kid, tearfully accepts someone’s friendship, etc. I found these moments boring, even if one of them involved a Toilet God.

Watch it?: I am stoked for the second season (4/5)

MVP: Ranmaru Rindo


I demand a spin-off!

Best Episode: Ep. 2 “There Sure Is a “The Battle Between God and Girl Now Begins!” Feeling!” (Vs.)

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One thought on “Good Luck Girl!

  1. So that’s what this anime was about! I might give it a go. It sounds interesting.

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