Inu x Boku SS

Type: Right on Time for Valentine’s


Synopsis: A young girl named Ririchiyo Shirakiin moves into a high security hotel because her bad attitude and smart mouth have isolated her from the rest of society. This was mostly caused by years of psychological scarring due to neglect and bullying, but that’s beside the point. Actually, that’s totally the point because in this story Ririchiyo meets Soshi, her new bodyguard and first person to sincerely care about her. Oh yeah, and everyone’s a demon. That’s kinda important.

Pros: This show has some solid gags and gets pretty romantic at times. I’m specifically referring to episode 11, which really caught me by surprise. I never thought a butler’s backstory would be so engrossing, and I’ve read the comic where Alfred the butler fought Nazis during WWII. Since the show mostly takes place in a hotel, we get a menagerie of different characters. My particular favorites were Nobara, who always shouted “Maniac!” at cute things, the deadpan Karuta, and the self-proclaimed sadist Kagero. Ririchiyo and Soshi were no slouches either. Ririchiyo’s haughty attitude was hilarious, and Soshi’s over the top duty towards her always mad me laugh.

Cons: The show can be kinda slow at times. It can get a bit “slice-of-life” at times. A lot of this is to reiterate the important plot points. Or really the one important plot point about Ririchiyo’s self-imposed rude behavior. It seems that in order to protect herself from being hurt emotionally, Ririchiyo developed a sharp tongue, something she hopes to rectify. So, as the show points out, she’s not a “Tsundere,” but a “Tsunshun” (someone whose rude on purpose). The demon aspect seems a bit superflous, it actually becomes really important later on in original manga story.

Watch it?: Liked where it was going, looking forward to another season (4/5)

MVP: Nobara Yukinokōji



Best Episode: Ep.11 “Kagero” (It’s like The Lake House)

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