Zombie Loan

Type: Non-interest bearing loan


Synopsis: Well it finally happened, pretty boy zombies are walking the Earth. I knew Warm Bodies was a harbinger of things to come. Or is it the other way around? Any who, a girl with glasses can see the dead and become the indentured servant of two undead zombie hunters who survive through borrowed time. Because debt follows you everywhere, even beyond the grave…

Pros: The character interactions of Zombie Loan were really top notch, and most definitely the highlight of the show. The lead Michiru, Akastuki, and Shito played off each other very well. They made Zombie Hunting seem fun. Their banter during non-action scenes was sorta like if Ghost Busters had starred anime people instead of comedians (Big ups to Harold Ramis).  The heavy shadows and lanky body artstyle also fit very well with the macabre story elements.

Cons: The action is not great and the story plot is uninteresting. The show was building towards a conflict between Zombie Loan and various organizations, which doesn’t really pay off because the show only had one season. You can obviously tell that this was based on a manga. Some things are overly complicated, like Shito’s backstory. I just couldn’t get into the actual plot scenes as much as the throwaway character scenes. If you’r not too worried about being a bit lost, I’d say skip around a little to get to the talky bits. They’re usually the best parts.

Watch it?: There are hints of greatness, but overall its pretty average (3/5)

MVP: Michiru Kita


She’s the viewers’s eyes (get it?)

Best Episode: Ep. 3 “Dead Man’s Tongue” (It got the story going)

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