Bodacious Space Pirates

Type: Not as fun as it sounds


Synopsis: Long ago, the great space pirate Gon Z. Aemon left everything he owned in one piece, not wait, that’s the wrong anime. Let me check my notes here…ah, he actually left everything he owned to his daughter Marika. This included his obligation to captain the Bentenmaru, which can do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. Wait, that’s the wrong thing again, plus a parsec is a measure of distance, not time. Whatever, a chick becomes a space pirate.

Pros: I really liked all the space pirate stuff. Marika was a little slow on the uptake, but midway through, she became a competent and believable space pirate. The fact that her first real mission involved kidnapping a princess and resolving a planet’s political situation by discovering a ghost ship is basically all I ever want from an adventure show.  The end of the series also showed promise by introducing other space pirate and alluding to a larger conflict down the line. The show is at its best when it focuses on the space pirate part.

Cons: This thing is slow at the beginning. And it focuses entirely too much on Marika’s school life and classmates. They were not space pirates and shouldn’t have even been in the show. Sadly, this is like 40% of the entire show. On that note, the whole “space pirate” thing is a misnomer. Since the pirates in the show require a special license, they’re more like privateers. This takes some of the fun of watching a space pirate show. One Piece in space it is not. It also really bugged me that Marika was serving alongside her father’s old crew. It made it harder to invest in them because I knew they were already experienced pirates. It would have worked better if she had either assembled her own crew, or at least started as a shipmate that worked her way up to captain.

Watch it?: I just couldn’t get into it (3/5)

MVP: Marika Kato


The brightest spot in the show

Best Episode: Ep. 25 “The Pirate Council Begins” (I love bad guy round tables)

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