Type: From Dark Phoenix to Legion Quest


Synopsis: The X-Men, a team of super-powered mutants dedicated to protecting a world that hates and fears them. Disbanding shortly after the death of Jean Grey, the team reunites to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a young girl in Japan. So not only do you get to see your favorite X-Men in anime form, you also get a few troupes thrown in for good measure. Sadly, there are no Tsundere in this series. Oh wait, Cyclops is here. So kawaii.

Pros: I love the X-Men. A lot. So it was a treat to see them in an anime style show. Since Marvel worked closely with the animation studio Madhouse and had writer Warren Ellis supervise, the dialogue really seemed like it was written for an English speaking audience. It was a lot smoother than the usual English dubs, which sound a bit awkward at times. Impressively, most of the X-Men are true to character, particularly Cyclops. Since Cyclops is my favorite X-Men, I appreciated how well handled he was, especially because that doesn’t happen a lot (cough The Animated Series cough X-Men movies cough). The addition of Armor was also surprisingly well executed. I originally though she was just the token Japanese character (and she kinda is), but she filled that crucial young X-Men role pretty well and I’d hazard to say this is the best portrayal of the character in any media, including comics.

Cons: Since I’m such an X-Men fanboy, I’ll refrain from being too nitpicky. But I have to say, two characters really bugged me, Storm and Wolverine. I said that most characters were true to form, but Storm wasn’t one of them. At least, her personality wasn’t. She was too generic, and didn’t match the dignity and gravitas needed to pull off Storm. Wolverine, on the other hand, had a bad character design. Anime Wolverine should be the coolest mofo in history, but in this he was really scruffy looking. Almost like an actual walking wolverine. The antagonists are also pretty boring. Some are just random monsters, and the other are the Hellfire Club, but for some reason the members were original characters instead of actual comic villains. No Donald Pierce, Selene, or even Sebastian Shaw. The story was also subpar.

Watch it?: Better than X-Men 3, not as good as Days of Future Past (4/5)

MVP: Cyclops


Honestly, even I was surprise at how good he is.

Best Episode: Ep. 05 “Power-Unity” (the most X-men episode ever)

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