Type: The Really Famous Kind


Synopsis: You know what this is about. Or do you? Does anyone?

Pros: Gorgeous. The animation is amazing. This film is almost 30 years old, and it still out shines most animated films with its stunning visuals, bright colors, and masterful cinematography. So yeah, it’s very pretty. You can tell why it went on to inspire generations of film makers. In terms of story, I have to give it props for  making Kaneda likable. In the original manga, I found Kaneda to be the most unlikable character. Too brash, too arrogant, too selfish. But in the movie, Kaneda is actually kind of charming. But again, the animation is really the films strongest asset.

Cons: While the animations incredible, the story may be hit of miss for some viewers. A lot of the original story from the manga is condensed into a 2-hour sci-fi film that involves psychics. Personally, I preferred this version, because the manga had a lot of political themes that I wasn’t a big fan of. However, a condensed story also means that a lot of characters are short changed. I’m specifically referring to Kei, who I felt was the true protagonist of manga, but gets a much smaller role in the film. And if you’re not a fan of sci-fi, you may not be a fan of this.

Watch it?: Historically important, so yeah.

MVP: Tetsuo


Heart of Darkness

Best Moment: Any time the camera pans to the city lights (wow)

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2 thoughts on “Akira

  1. Artemis says:

    I do indeed remember thinking, “man, this has aged so well!” the last time I saw this. It’s such a pleasure to watch things that manage to stand the test of time so fabulously. Then again, I’d expect nothing less of Akira – it had a truly enormous budget, and if I’m not mistaken was the very first anime out there to have the dialogue recorded before the film was animated so that the lips flaps could match up. No corners cut here.

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