Pokemon Origins

Type: Four Episodes = One Game


Synopsis: This anime wanted to be the very best, like no other ever was. To entertain us was the real test, to wow us was the cause. The protagonist traveled across the land, catching all 150 pokemon far and wide. Teaching Ash to understand that he’s rally low tier on the inside. Pokemon!

Pros: Origins is based on the original Pokemon:Red and Blue (Green in Japan) video game that started it all. It does this cool thing where it beings at the start menu, and ends with the “player” saving the “game.” Unlike the main series, none of the Pokemon talk. They instead growl or chirp, just like in the original game. The fights between the Pokemon are also excellent, having more of an edge than the original series. Its a tad more violent, but the basic tenants of treating pokemon with respect is still there. Every episode depicts a familiar scenerio within the game: Beginning in Pallet Town, Lavender Town, Beating Team Rocket, and Becoming Pokemon Champion. Probably one of truest video game to anime adaptations.

Cons: While Origins is very faithful to its source material, it still adds fluff here and there. The interactions between Red and Blue are cliche, and the second episode involving Lavender Tower felt forced and bland. On that note, you should be aware that the series glosses over a lot of the original game. Being only 4 episodes, don’t expect individual gym battles, or accidentally killing your rival’s Raticate. Maybe if this had been 6 episodes instead of 4, the story would’t have felt so compressed. Now that the serious is over, can I saw how weird is was that two character kept being refered to as “Red” and “Blue?” Or that “Blue” is clearly Gary, that guy who had a harem in the original. Or that it just wasn’t as funny as the first series. I still say the original stands the test of time on gags alone.

Watch it?: Is Ditto a failed clone of Mew? (4/5)

MVP: Red


He did in fact catch them all

Best Episode: It’s four episodes. Pick.

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