Psycho Pass

Type: Crime Thriller


Synopsis: In the future, society (or possibly just Japan) is regulated by the “Sybill System,” which determines who is mentally fit to remain in society. But if you’re likely to commit a crime, can think like a criminal, or even had a bad day and thought about burning your boss alive, you are screwed. It also turns out that some people can totally bypass the Sybill System and commit crimes while seemingly having a low Crime Coefficient. We call these people corporate executives sociopaths. That’s were rookie detective Akane and her group of criminally minded Enforcers come in.

Pros: This anime is a pretty straight forward sci-fi crime thriller. Sorta like Blade Runner (0r Equailibrium if you’re really nerdy), but not as subtle. What starts as a crime story soon evolves into a larger issue involving the age old topic of peace vs. free will. On the “peace” side you have Akane, a new detective whose thrown into the morally grey world of police work. She is accompanied by “Enforcers,” people who have been deemed potential criminals and work alongside the police to prevent real cops from having to think like criminals. This is an obvious flaw in the Sybill System right off, and from here the show builds an even larger story. Through the Enforcer’s work and the cases they tackle, we see how messed up society still is, even with the Sybill System. If I had more time, I’d probably mention the themes of technology, surveillance, repression, and the like. This is a show that’s not really afraid to go there, in terms of depictions and story events, and I appreciated that.

Cons: This show is pretty violent. But it’s not the normal cinematic violence, or even the over the top and gruesome anime violence. Pyscho Pass employs more of a casual, matter-of-fact violence that is quite disturbing. I myself had to look a way a few times. I’d also have to say that most of the supporting characters were underwritten, with most of the effort going towards portraying the antagonists of the show. Don’t get me wrong, they were fascinating antagonists, but I wound up not caring that much about any of the enforcers except Kogami and Tomomi. The ending was also bitter sweet, implying that nothing was really resolved in the end. That’s not a bad thing in terms of storytelling, but it is a bummer. (P.S. Akane is Criminally Asymtomatic, right? I mean, that’s pretty much implied here? Can we talk, or can we talk?)

Watch it?: A great anime thriller (5/5)

MVP: Tomomi Masaoka


I’m a fan of old gum shoes.

Best Episode: Ep. 15 “The Town Where Sulfur Falls” (this really bothered me, so it must be good)

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4 thoughts on “Psycho Pass

  1. Artemis says:

    Totally agreed on the lack of material for some of the supporting characters, who deserved a lot more screen time than they ended up getting. I’m hoping this will be something that season two rectifies though, at least a little.

  2. Manifest says:

    I could stand watch Psycho-Pass 1st season but I decided to abandon Psycho-Pass 2nd season due too much violent.

    This anime isn’t for someone who have light heart.

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