Please Twins!

Type: Not gross, but sometimes bordering


Synopsis: Here’s a story of two lovely ladies, high school students with very slender bodies. Then one day these ladies met this fellow, and they knew it was much more than a hunch. They could in fact be related, although that would cut out any naughty stuff. So they decided to form a family, at least until they figured out who could bone each other without incurring the wrath of God.

Pros: Not as bad as I though I was going to be. You see, in the first ten minutes of the show, each of the main characters are gloomy, and one of them is even assaulted as her introduction. So I thought this was going to be one of those anime. You know the ones. Luckily, everything gets a lot more lighthearted afterwards. The plot of the show is that these two girls (Miina and Karen) move in with a boy named Mike because they believe one of them could be his twin sister. After that, mild hijinks ensue until the mystery is resolved. Because this is anime, the characters aren’t allowed to simply get a blood test, but must wait until they remember whose related to who.

Cons: Aside from the obvious blood test thing, I found myself not caring about any of the supporting characters. I think that show’s plot was straightforward enough to allow the three main characters to carry the show by themselves. Everything else felt like filler. There’s also Episode 5, which has the girls trying to “fix” Mike when they hear a rumor that he’s gay. This was troubling to say the least, although I guess you can’t really judge the writer’s ignorance way back in…2003? Mike’s also a pretty bland character, as are most of the show’s stories.

Watch it?: At least the girls agreed that the related one couldn’t also date Mike. Kudos. (3/5)

MVP: That’s little alien guy


They never did explain what his deal was

Best Episode: OVA “The Summer Never Ends” (everyone seems a lot more relaxed)

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