Ai Yori Aoshi Enishi

Type: It means destiny between people


Summary: Set two years after the events of season 1, Kaoru and his assortment of female friends have seemingly discovered the secret to eternal youth. Despite living through 730 days, not one of them has aged, grown, or even changed their hair style. In fact, the only evidence of this supposed time jump is Kaoru’s status as a “grad student.”  Are these people stuck in some sort of perpetual time lock, forever doomed to 20 something bodies with smooth skin and great health? Or were the character designers just lazy?

Pros: This season of Aoshi is only twelve episodes, and has much less of the melodrama that hooked me the first time. This season is more of a classic harem show. One episode per girl, a beach trip, a spa trip, and even a haunted house trip. A bit more focus in put on Chika, but that’s probably to make for her late entry in the original. A interesting development happens towards the end of the season when Tina’s status as an culturally Japanese American is explored. Tina is native to the US, but spend most of her life in Japan, making her feel out of place in both nations. I kinda wish this had been the through line for the entire season, if just to distinguish more from its predecessor. Also, I might have forgotten this before, but I like the fact that most of the characters here are college age. It makes their occasional beer fest understandable, and it helps move Kaoru and Aoi’s relationship along.

Cons: Since this season was shorter, a lot less attention was given to Kaoru’s relationship with Taeko and the Miyabi. There more or less relegated to background characters in favor of Chika and Tina. And even when they did show up, it was usually as part of the larger group. This season is a lot more haremy than the last one. Some effort is put into trying to make the season about Kaoru worrying about his future, since he is a grad student and all, but nothing really becomes of it. It was also very weird that after two years, not one of the women in the household looked any older. Or any different for that matter. Are you actually trying to tell me that out of about seven people, six of them being young women, two being high school age, not one of them tried a different hair style? Come on.

Watch it?: Totally skippable, except maybe the last three episodes (3/5)

MVP: Tina Foster


Hey man, culturally Japanese or whatever, you’ll always have a home here in the States.

Best Episode: Ep. 9 White (they totally did it. right?)

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